Ever wondered what your favourite celebrity's name means? Maybe you like a name and just want to check what it means before you name your baby girl or baby boy. Included here is an extensive list of famous names and meanings that you can just scan through in alphabetical order if you want. Listed for each famous name is the meaning, gender and origin of their first name. Sometimes you will see more than one meaning because names can mean different things, depending on their origin.

In case the list is just too long to work through one page at a time, you can always search famous names using the search form. Just enter a first name and each matching name, meaning and origin will be displayed.

You can use this list of famous names to just check what a name means or perhaps you are expecting a child and looking for a name. Save yourself some embarrassment later on and check what the name means first. Do you really want your baby girl or boy to have a name that means something silly? If you look at popular names over the years many people have used famous girl's names or famous boy's names when naming their children.

As an example, a few names and their meanings include; Tyronne - From Owen's territory, Lander - Property owner, Grayvesone - Son of the reeve, and so many more celebrity names. Click each name to find out more details and see what else you can read about any other famous names.

You can also search famous names by origin if you wish. Maybe you like the sound of certain types of names and know the origin so you can see a list of more names with the same origin. The options are endless.